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After harmonizing the four Gospels into one unified story, the author examines the ministry of Jesus to see what we can learn today for our own churches and ministries. As the story unfolds, one finds Jesus implementing four strategic ministry tactics, in this order:

- Outsiders becoming new believers through evangelism

- New believers becoming committed disciples through 

- Committed disciples becoming effective workers through 

- Effective workers becoming world Christians through 
missions mobilization

Together these four tactics form the “ministry multiplication cycle.” To determine whether this strategy is truly a biblical strategy or not, an in-depth look is then taken into the book of Acts. There we find the apostles, the men whom Jesus trained, implementing these same four tactics in the exact same order, with the exact same results—powerful growth through multiplication.

The question remains whether the ministry multiplication cycle can be replicated today in our own culture. The answer is a resounding “yes,” when we learn to think in terms of principles and not just practices.

This book is a product of over thirty years of clarifying these principles in the classroom and implementing them around the world, the latter resulting in over two thousand churches being planted among unreached people groups.

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About Bill Jones

For over three decades, Bill Jones has served simultaneously in two distinct yet complementary areas: the university campus and world missions. At Columbia International University, known for its strong Bible teaching, Jones served as a professor and then president.  Currently he serves as the university's chancellor.  At Crossover Global, a church-planting organization he cofounded to provide gospel access among unreached people groups, he served first as president until becoming chairman of the global board.

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MMC Book Cover.png
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A Message from Ken Katayama

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“If the church is to complete the task of world evangelization, she must multiply. Addition is not enough. The Ministry Multiplication Cycle captures the strategy of multiplication used by Jesus and re- produced by the apostles to reach the entire known world with the gospel in their lifetimes. The book provides not only the biblical basis but also the practical application for us to do the same today.”

Ed Stetzer

Executive Director, Billy Graham Center of Evangelism

“Bill has been a friend of mine for many years and what exudes from him most is his passion for fulfilling the Great Commission. While many American Evangelicals enjoy the training table, the film room, and the practice sessions, Bill has always gone beyond preparation; he likes being in the game itself. I find that spirit both exemplary and contagious. His latest book reflects that—and per- haps that takeaway is what the American church as a whole can learn most from him and his writings.”

Ralph Drollinger

Teacher of the White House Cabinet Bible Study;

President and Founder, Capitol Ministries

“Church planting and church multiplication are keys to ministry explosion. As you read and study this book on the Great Commission you will find that Christ wanted Christians to be equipped and to maximize their God-given potential for the kingdom.”

John Maxwell

CEO/President, Equip International

“I respect Bill Jones’ intellect. As an educator and leader, he has reached the apex of success in Christian higher education. But what I truly love about Bill is his passion for the gospel and the church. It’s a zeal that has been tested and tried over the decades on the mission field as well as in the pulpit and the classroom. Who better than a true practitioner to write about multiplication and church planting than a man who has put his feet and his hand to the plow, gotten his hands dirty in the fields, and has the callouses to prove his love for the work of the gospel? I commend this book to you with great enthusiasm for the message it contains and great admiration for the man who is the vessel God is using to shape the future of the church and missions.”


Clayton King

Teaching Pastor, NewSpring Church;

Evangelist and Author

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